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Name:Dolphinbacked Mod Journal
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The Code of Dinotopia

Survival of all or none.
One raindrop raises the sea.
Weapons are enemies, even to their owners.
Give more, take less.
Others first, self last.
Observe, listen and learn.
Do one thing at a time.
Sing every day.
Exercise imagination.
Eat to live, don’t live to eat.
Don’t p-- [inscription lost]
Dinotopia: an island paradise where dinosaurs and humans live in harmony with each other and the earth itself. Surrounded by a localised storm-system and savage reefs, the island is barred from safe travel. Those humans who live on the island are descended from newcomers who have, over time, been shipwrecked by storm and reef and washed up on the island’s shores—the dolphinbacks.

The dawn of the new millennium has arrived. The island has been shaken by an earthquake like nothing felt since far before living memory. Parts of Canyon City slid into the gorge; sections of Volcaneum were lost in the caldera; much of Waterfall City was left flooded, some of it lost within the Polongo River. Even the sunken city of Poseidos has been seen just beneath the waves. In fear and confusion, many of the island’s inhabitants attempted to flee underground into the World Beneath—the great caverns which protected the dinosaurs from extinction so long ago. They found their entrances collapsed and little respite from the danger.

When the earth had stopped shaking, the Dinotopians picked themselves up and began to rebuild, as they always had in the wake of disaster. This time was different. The storms had grown more savage, the island’s fogs thicker. The carnivores of the Rainy Basin grew restless. What little technology the Dinotopians had developed became less reliable, while the sunstones powering them became scarce.

And the dolphinbacks began to arrive in numbers far greater than ever before.

This game does not yet have an opening date.
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